Pin up women

What made pin ups very popular is the women in the pictures. Pin up models are usually glamour models, actresses and fashion models.

Imagine the happiness of the male population with these pictures and women, who admire most of the pin up models back in the days because some of them are icons or known personalities. To know more about this glamour world, read on Pin ups like these 50 hottest pin ups on this page are images which can be cut out of magazines, posters, newspapers, postcards and many more, of basically good looking women.

A lot of the women in these images and posters were at the time celebrities and were definitively considered sex symbols. The images were put up in lockers of soldiers who were out at war and had little exposure to women in lingerie, as you can imagine.

In contrast, forearm tattoos are likely to be on display most of the time and could be bothersome to cover up every day should you need to do so. Though not necessarily suitable for every tattoo style, pin up girl tattoos make for surprisingly flexible designs, customizable with a range of color schemes, props, and additional elements. Seductive but not vulgar, attractive but not explicit, with a rich history and strong ties to retro styles and vintage aesthetics, pin up girl tattoos are a great choice for both men and women wishing to make a bold statement with their body art.

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Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. The Style Up. History of pin up girls Although mostly associated with the pop culture of the s and 50s, the history of the pin up girl imagery goes back to the burlesque theater of the s.

One Of The World's Largest Collections Of Pin-Up Girls Goes On View

The war had ended, but the pin up girls stayed and continued to be popular during the s. Pin ups in contemporary culture Nowadays, pin ups remain something of a staple of vintage pop culture and are instantly recognizable symbols of all things s and 50s.

Important elements of pin up girl art Whether pinned up to the wall or tattooed, pin up girls have certain identifying qualities that make them what they are.

The typical image of a pin up girl will involve a shapely woman with an hourglass figure, a narrow waist, wide hips, an ample bosom, curly hair, and rosy cheeks. Full lips and large eyes are also an important feature, as is the clothing — vintage pin up girls would be highly sexualized through their scant clothing, but without turning into pornography.

150 Pin Up Girl Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Short skirts, alluring dresses, stockings, high heels, and maid outfits form the top of the list. The pose taken by the girl in the image is important, too — attractive and seductive, showing off her shapes, but without being overly explicit or serious.

Color — The most recognizable, vintage imagery of pin up girls always involved vivid colors. This trend has been largely preserved in pin up tattoo art, as pin up girl designs tend to be bright and colorful.

Additions — Props and other elements were often featured in vintage pin up art — most famously patriotic elements in the wartime propaganda era of the pin up. As far as tattoo designs go, pin ups girls are often combined with other imagery, such as floral motifs.

Design ideas Pin up girls tattoo designs come in a surprising variety of styles and forms. Common variations include: Day of the Dead pin up girls — though it may seem like an odd combination of wildly different concepts and on some levels, it ispin up girls tattooed in a Day of the Dead aesthetic are a popular choice. Pin up girls tattooed in this style form an interesting juxtaposition of imagery and ideas. For a more in-depth history of how it all went down, check out our timeline here.

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